Coverage List


LocationCovered Area
Acardes MallEntire Mall
Airport turn offSurrounding areas
American EmbassyMost parts
Apex UniversitySurrounding areas
Arakan BarracksEntire area
Arcades Protea HotelMost Parts
Area Opposite Memorial ParkMost parts
Avondale Acacia RoadSurrounding areas
Avondale Community ChurchSurrounding areas
Bauleni Plots AreaMost Parts
Bread of Life Blessings CenterSurrounding areas
ChainamaMost areas
Chaisa CompoundMost Parts
ChalalaPartly Covered
Chalala Residential Area around Mwaiwake and Chalala HighlifeMost parts
Chalala Rock fieldMost Parts
Chamba ValleyMost Parts
Chawama AreaMost Parts
Chawama CompoundPartly Covered
Chazanga CompoundMost Parts
ChelstoneMost parts
Chelstone ExtensionPartly Covered
Chelstone Green AreaMost parts
Chelstone Obama Residential AreaMost parts
Chelstone Police CampMost Parts
Chilanga Golf ClubSurrounding areas
Chilanga Post OfficeSurrounding areas
Chilanga Seventhday AdventistSurrounding areas
Chilanga St Mary`s Parish Roman Catholic ChurchSurrounding areas
Chilenge ShopriteSurrounding areas
ChilenjeEntire area
Chilenje Chimanga and Mpasa RoadsSurrounding areas
Chilenje InsakaSurrounding areas
Chilulu CompoundEntire area
Chudleigh 12th and Central Streets.Surrounding areas
ChudlieghPartly Covered
Club MerilynSurrounding areas
CMC Gardens and Mpishi Farm.Surrounding areas
Cosmopolitan MallEntire Mall
Cross Roads MallEntire Mall
DHID Government OfficesSurrounding areas
Down Hill National Housing ComplexSurrounding areas
Downtown MallEntire Mall
Dream ValleyMost parts
East Park MallEntire Mall
EmmasdaleMost Parts
Evelyn Hone CollegeEntire College
FairviewEntire Area
Fairview HospitalSurrounding areas
Foxdale Court MallEntire Mall
Foxdale Estates ResidentialMost Parts
Garden CompundMost parts
Garden ResidentialMost Parts
Gardenia RoadSurrounding areas
George CompoundMost Parts
Government ComplexSurrounding areas
Heavy Industrial AreaMost Parts
Heavy Industrial AreaMost Parts
Helen KaundaEntire area
Ibex HillPartly Covered
Ibex Hill Bahai TempleSurrounding areas
Intercity Bus TerminusMost Parts
JesmodineEntire area
Kabanana CompoundMost Parts
KabulongaEntire area
KabwataMost Parts
KalingalingaMost Parts
KalunduEntire Area
KamangaMost Parts
Kamwala Shoppng areaEntire area
Kamwala SouthPartly Covered
kamwena Meanwood Phase IMost Parts
kamwena Meanwood Phase IIMost Parts
kamwena Meanwood Phase IIIPartly Covered
KanyamaMost Parts
Kanyama ResidentialMost Parts
Kasuba RoadSurrounding areas
Kaunda Square Stage 1 & 2Most Parts
Kwacha Pension House.Surrounding areas
Larfage Head OfficeSurrounding areas
Levy Mwanawasa hospitalEntire Area
LibalaEntire area
Libala SouthMost parts
Libala Water WorksMost parts
Light Industrial AreaPartly Covered
LilandaMost Parts
LongacresMost Parts
Luangwa CompoundMost Parts
Lumumba and Freedomway RoadsSurrounding areas
Lumumba Bus StationMost Parts
Lusaka CBD.Most Parts
Lusaka City MarketMost Parts
MadrasMost Parts
Makeni BonaventureMost parts
Makeni Bonaventure SouthMost Parts
Makeni EastPartly Covered
Makeni Konga AreaMost parts
Makeni MallEntire Mall
Makeni SouthMost Parts
Makeni Ware HousesSurrounding areas
Makening Ecumenical CenterMost Parts
Manda and Mumbwa roads.Surrounding areas
Manda Hill MallEntire Mall
MarshlandsEntire area
Mass MediaEntire area
MateroMost Parts
Matero Boys High school AreaSurrounding areas
Matero Mellisa and Ody`s Filling stationSurrounding areas
Matero Police Station areaSurrounding areas
Matero ShopriteSurrounding areas
Mtendere CompoundPartly Covered
Mtendere East ResidentialMost parts
Mtendere Police Station and Bus Station.Surrounding areas
Mtendere ResidentialMost parts
Mtendere Small MarketMost Parts
MunaliEntire area
Munali Golf ClubMost Parts
Munda Wanga Environment ParkSurrounding areas
Namununga School Along Los Angels RoadSurrounding areas
National Assembly Motel and Fallsway Apartments AreaSurrounding areas
National Heroes StadiumEntire area
New KasamaPartly Covered
Ng’ombeEntire area
Ng’ombeMost Parts
NIPA CollegeEntire area
Nkholoma StadiumSurrounding areas
NorthmeadMost Parts
NRDCMost parts
Nyumba YangaPartly Covered
OlympiaMost Parts
OxygymSurrounding areas
Paintball ManiaSurrounding areas
PHIMost Parts
PHI MallMost Parts
PnP Garden House MallMost parts
Prince Charles HotelSurrounding areas
Radisson Blu HotelMost Parts
Rhodes ParkMost Parts
Rhodes Park School AreaMost parts
Ring RoadSurrounding areas
RomaEntire area
Roma ParkMost Parts
Roma Park Residential AreaMost parts
Salama ParkMost parts
Show GroundsEntire area
SikanzeEntire area
Sikanze Police CampMost Parts
Soweto North AreaMost Parts
Soweto/City MarketMost Parts
St Ignatius ChurchSurrounding areas
StaliloMost Parts
SunningdaleEntire Area
Sunset Stadium AreaSurrounding areas
Taj Pamodzi HotelSurrounding areas
Thorn ParkMost Parts
Twin Palm MallMost parts
University of Lusaka Main Campus(UNILUS)Most Parts
University of Zambia Campus(Ridgeway)Most Parts
University of Zambia Campus(UNZA)Most Parts
University Teaching HospitalMain Block
UNZA Lecturer`s CompoundMost Parts
UNZA Sports FieldsMost Parts
UNZA WorkshopSurrounding areas
Villa ParkEntire area
WoodlandsPartly Covered
Yatsani radio and the Coorperative CollegeSurrounding areas
ZAF Twin Palm Housing CampMost parts
ZAMBEEF Head OfficeSurrounding areas
Zambia Breweries AreaSurrounding areas
ZAMCOM LodgeSurrounding areas
ZICTA OfficesEntire area


LocationArea Coverage
Arthur Davidson HospitalPartly covered
ArushaMost parts
ChifubuMost parts
Chifubu RsidentialMost parts
Chipulukusu ResidentialMost parts
Hillcrest ResidentialMost parts
Itawa ResidentialMost parts
Itawa Residential AreaMost parts
Kabushi ResidentialMost parts
Kansenshi High School & Kansenshi Police CampMost parts
Kansenshi ResidentialMost parts
Kariba and Lualaba RoadsMost parts
Lubuto ResidentialMost parts
Masala ResidentialMost parts
Musakasonka ResidentialMost parts
Ndola BreweriesMost parts
Ndola CBDMost parts
Ndola CBD Railway StationMost parts
Ndola Golf ClubMost parts
Ndola Hill ResidentialMost parts
Ndola International AirportMost parts
Ndola Kanini ResidentialMost parts
Ndola Ndeke TownshipMost parts
Nkwazi ResidentialMost parts
North Rise ResidentialMost parts
Northrise University areaMost parts
Pamodzi Overspill Residential AreaMost parts
Pamodzi ResidentialMost parts
Petauke CresentMost parts
Premium PlazaEntire area
Star BakerySurrounding Areas
Twapia ResidentialMost parts
VitandaMost parts
Yengwe ResidentialMost parts


LocationArea Coverage
BuchiMost Parts
BulangililoMost Parts
BuntungwaMost Parts
BuyantanshiMost Parts
Chibuluma TownshipMost Parts
ChimwemweMost Parts
Copperbelt University (CBU)Most Parts
CopperHill MallMost Parts
GarnetonePartly covered
ItimpiMost Parts
KalamboMost Parts
kamakondeMost Parts
KamitondoPartly covered
Kawama CompoundMost Parts
Kitwe CBDMost Parts
Kitwe Industrial AreaMost Parts
Kitwe Nakadoli TownMost Parts
KwachaMost Parts
Kwacha Residential TownshipMost Parts
Luangwa CompoundMost Parts
LubambeMost Parts
Mindolo NorthMost Parts
Mindolo Teachers Training CollegeMost Parts
Mindolo TownshipMost Parts
Misechi NatwangeMost Parts
Mulenga TownshipMost Parts
MushipiMost Parts
Nakadoli Market AreaMost Parts
NdekaPartly covered
Ndeka ChangachangaMost Parts
Nkana EastMost Parts
Nkana WestMost Parts
ParklandsMost Parts
Parklands Area around Kitwe Primary SchoolMost Parts
Richmond GardensMost Parts
Riverside & Valley viewMost Parts
Twatacha TownshipMost Parts
TwibukesheMost Parts
WusakileMost Parts


LocationArea Coverage
Buteko AvenueMost parts
Cheswa Park AreaMost parts
Luanshya East Area AroundPartly Covered
Luanshya Mine AreaSurrounding Areas
Luanshya Town CenterMost parts
Lumumba AvenueMost parts
Mikomfwa StadiumMost parts
PnPEntire area
ShopriteEntire area
Wada Chovu Town Center Bus StationMost parts


LocationArea Coverage
After 10 ResturantEntire Area
Buyantanshi Areas Freetown roadSurrounding areas
Kalulushi Catholic UniversityMost Parts
Kalulushi CBDMost Parts
Kalulushi Golf ClubMost Parts
Kalulushi High SchoolMost Parts
Kalulushi Police CampMost Parts
Kalulushi WestMost Parts
Nkana West Residential AreaMost Parts
Pamo Lodge HotelEntire Area
Parklands Around Independence AvenueSurrounding areas


LocationArea Coverage
Buteko AvenueMost parts
Cheswa Park AreaMost parts
Luanshya East Area AroundPartly Covered
Luanshya Mine AreaSurrounding Areas
Luanshya Town CenterMost parts
Lumumba AvenueMost parts
Mikomfwa StadiumMost parts
PnPEntire area
ShopriteEntire area
Wada Chovu Town Center Bus StationMost parts