Vodafone Music

With over 30 million songs to choose from

You’ll have a song for every moment or mood. From Chef 187 to chart-topping international artists, you will be fully immersed in a wide array of local and international songs when you sign up for Vodafone Music. Download the App today and get the first one month FREE!

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Local and International Artists

From local chart-toppers to international hit-makers, get access to all the music you love, anywhere and anytime with Vodafone Music. It comes with a Top Charts and Premium plan that elevate your listening experience, letting you fully immerse yourself in the music. No internet? No worries. Download your music when you have a connection and listen offline on your dedicated device when you don’t.

Free access to 30 million songs for 1 Month

Vodafone Music exposes you to a world of hot new local and international music. We’re giving you 30 million reasons to enjoy with one month for FREE on our Premium service! That means you can listen to as much music as you want, anywhere and anytime, with 15 hours monthly of free listening included. Music lovers, go ahead and binge to your heart’s content.

Top Charts

The Top Charts plan allows you to stream the most happening tracks in a catalogue of up to 5 different playlists that are rotated after every 7 days. To top it off, you will also get access to a Top 5 videos section that is rotated every 7 days.

Offer typeEligible BundlesListening Time
Daily Top Charts – DailyDaily Bundles1.5 hours
Daily Top Charts – WeeklyWeekly Bundles3 hours
Daily Top Charts – MonthlyMonthly less than 10GB15 hours
Premium – MonthlyMonthly 10GB and more15 hours


This plan includes the latest news and trending updates about top artists. The Premium offline music download allows you to listen on your handsets or even your laptop when you have no internet. You can always upgrade from Top Charts to the premium plan under these rates:

Offer typeStandard Rate (ZMW)Listening Time
Premium Daily10.001.5 hours
Premium – Weekly20.003 hours
Premium – Monthly60.0015 hours
Premium – MonthlyMonthly 10GB and more15 hours

*All bundles greater than 10GB come with a FREE Premium subscription.

Vodafone Music service is absolutely FREE; all you have to do is get an ordinary data bundle and you will automatically be credited with a FREE special music bundle to be used to stream music. You can make friends with similar musical tastes, follow each other and share your interests on social media. Listen to all the music you love and create the perfect soundtrack to your life. Get Vodafone Music from both Google Play and App Store today!

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