How To Buy Bundles and Top Up

Are you looking to buy a data bundle but not quite sure how to? Don’t worry we have you covered with our how to buy or top up guide. Have a look at the options below to get the information you need.

New to Vodafone?

If you are new to Vodafone and our data bundles have you wanting to be on the best 4G network in Zambia then we would suggest going to any one of our stores or preferred retailers near you. You can find a store here. Our friendly Vodafone staff members can assist you and set your phone up correctly and assist you with any queries you may have concerning our products and services.

Existing Customers?

Are you an existing customer? Great! Existing customers can purchase a recharge voucher from any Vodafone store or preferred retailer and visit MyVodafone to load airtime. We also have the My Vodafone App which makes buying your needed data bundle so much faster plus you can do it from anywhere right at the palm of your hands.

Using the Web self-care portal or the My Vodafone App, Vodafone customers can top up using any of the following options:

Using a Recharge Voucher

In order to top up with a voucher you need to visit any one of our stores and buy a recharge voucher that can be inputted via the app or online using the My Vodafone portal.

Using a Debit or Credit card

You can also enter your Credit or Debit card online or simply by using the app. This option is very convenient because you do not need to leave your home to find a retail store.

If these options do not work, either head to any of our stores for more help, chat with an agent within the app or contact us on the numbers you can find here.