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#SummaLevels (Win a Trip for Four to Cape Town)

This is a usage boost promotion. Customers will be given a daily usage target. Once they meet their usage target, the customer will be awarded entries into the weekly draw to win either a smartphone or dinner vouchers. In the course of the promotion, winners for a trip to Siavonga or Summer Clothes vouchers will be drawn. At the end there will also be a Grand Prize of a family trip for Four to Cape Town.

All Vodafone customers will receive an SMS with their unique usage target. To participate in this promotion, each customer must meet their daily target at least once in a week.

The draws will be conducted once a week for the entire promotion period.

Winners will be called on the contact number provided to Vodafone and after verification their names will be published on our corporate website.

Prizes will be collected at either of the following locations:
Lusaka at Vodafone HQ on Kaleya Road in Roma.
Ndola at Kafubu Mall Vodafone store.
Kitwe at Mukuka Mall Vodafone store


All prizes must be claimed within 30 days from the day that the customer is informed. Winners who do not claim their rewards within 30 days will forfeit them

Student Bundle

This is a special product for students which gives students 100% bonus on all student Wi-Fi bundles. Both the bundle and bonus can only be used on the Vodafone-Jump Wi-Fi network

No, the Vodafone-Jump Wi-Fi network is only available at NIPA, Evelyne Hone, ZIBSIP, UNILUS, UNZA & ZCAS

Yes, You can buy any student bundle more than once as long as the bundle is more than your current balance.

No, you can’t use the student Wi-Fi bundle on your MiFi. You can enjoy the bundle and bonus on Vodafone-Jump Wi-Fi Network.

The bonus will be valid for the same period as the bundle that the customer purchases.

No, you can only use the student Wi-Fi bundle bonus on Vodafone-Jump Wi-Fi Network.


This exciting promotion is aimed at giving back to our customers. All you need to do is join Vodafone, buy a monthly bundle and you will stand a chance to win amazing prizes weekly or the grand prize of a KIA Picanto car. Existing customers are not left, out, they can participate in this promotion by buying any of the monthly bundles.

1 KIA Picanto car

50 Samsung Smart TVs with NetStation Router + 10GB Data

40 S7 Flat smartphones + 10GB Data

40 Huawei T1 8″ Tablets + 10GB Data



This promotion is open to all new Vodafone Customers who join from launch date until close of the promotion.  To participate simply join Vodafone by buying a SIM card at K3, a MiFi at K299 and any of the data bundles. The recommended bundle is 10GB at only K255.44

Existing customers too can take part by buying any of the monthly Vodafone bundles, purchase of these bundles will award customers entries into the weekly and grand draw.

There will be weekly draws where we will draw:

  • Eight (8) lucky winners of a Samsung Smart TV that is coupled with a Router and 10GB data valid for 30 days.
  • Five (5) weekly winners of Samsung S7 Flat Smart Phone with 10GB data valid for 30 days.
  • Five (5) weekly winners of Huawei T1 Tablet with 10GB data valid for 30 days.

There grand draw, where one lucky customer will win a KIA Picanto car will be conducted at the end of the promotion.

To be included in the grand draw buy monthly bundles and to increase your chances of winning, buy more bundles. Purchase of Add-on bundles will not award entries into the promotion.

If you are a lucky winner, we will contact you on the contact number you provided at launch.

In each weekly draw, customers who join in that week and those who buy bundles in the same week will participate in the weekly draw for that given week. However, all participates entries for the entire promotion period will be included in the grand draw.

No! Prizes will not be exchangeable for cash.

You will earn entries into the draw by performing any of the following:

  • Joining Vodafone will accord customers 1 entry into the lucky draw.
  • Buying data bundles as per the grid overleaf will accord customers more entries into the draw:
How to Earn Draw EntriesEntries into the Draw
Joining Vodafone1
Buy 500MB1
Buy 2GB3
Buy 5GB6
Buy 10GB20
Buy 25 GB50
Buy 50GB150
Buy 100GB350

Winners will be published on social media and radio. Check Vodafone Facebook page every week to find out who has won.

The promotion will be run for a period not greater than 6 weeks from date of launch.

50 Shades of Data

This is a new promotion aimed at incentivizing prospective Vodafone customers to join Vodafone and enjoy our services. The campaign is open to all new Vodafone non-business customers. Customers who join Vodafone from  11th January 2017 will enjoy 50% Data bonus on their first purchase of any Data bundle that is 2GB or more. They will continue to enjoy this 50% bonus for the first three months.

New customers who buy 2GB or more will get 50% data bonus valid for 30 days.

No. Bonus will be given for the first 2GB or more bundle that the customer buys in each of the first three months after joining Vodafone.

No! This bonus is special just for you.

This bonus is valid for 30 days.

Bonus will be allocated only when you buy a main Vodafone Bundle that is 2GB or more. This means that purchase of Add-on bundles, Social Add-ons and any promotional bundle will not attract bonus in this promotion.

This promotion will last for a period not more than 60 days from launch.

My Student Life

This is a special offer targeted at students who join Vodafone. It is an offer that incentivizes students that join Vodafone.

Students who join Vodafone get 1GB free upon joining and 1GB after any purchasing any monthly bundle in the consecutive months for the consecutive 5months when they buy a MiFi at K299 and Sim at K3. You also stand a chance to win a 1 year Scholarship to any Zambian University/College and

Yes, at the point of sale the Customer will be given 1GB free upon purchase of the MiFi at K299 and SIM at K10.

Yes, you can buy data bundles for as low as K8 daily bundles up to 100GB valid for 30days

No, This offer can only be given to a new customer once.

This offer is only available to students with a valid student ID.

No, this offer is only available in specific locations NIPA, Evelyne Hone and ZIBSIP, UNILUS, ZCAS, UNZA and in Universities where Vodafone will be set up selling the offer.

No, this offer will only be available during the promotional period

The promotion will run up to 31st March, 2017

10 Over 10

This is another first from Vodafone that is aimed at giving the best value to our customers. Customers who buy 10GB or more will be given 100% bonus Data.

When a customer buys 10GB or more, they will be given 100% bonus on the bundle that they buy.  For example:

  • If the customer buys 2GB, s/he will be given 2GB bonus.
  • If the customer buys 100GB, s/he will be given 100GB bonus.

100% Data Bonus will be valid for 7 days.

No! This bonus is special just for you!

Bonus will be given for each bundle that you buy and bonus validity will be based on the last bundle purchased.

No. Bonus will only be given for purchase of non-discounted bundles. That mean Add-On bundles, Special Offer Bundles and Social Add-ons will not attract bonus.

When the customer who already has Data bonus buys a bundle that does not qualify for allocation of bonus, such as 2GB or FOR G Offer, their Data bonus validity will not change. However, if they buy a main bundle that is 10GB or more, their Bonus balance plus their new bonus will be summed up and will take on the validity of their latest bonus allocation.

Where a customer buys a new Data bundle that is 10GB or more, their main bundle balance will take on the validity of their latest bundle. Main bundle validity and Data bonus validity are not mutually inclusive.

If the customer has valid bonus that extends up to 7 days after the last day of the promotion, they will be able to use this bonus for this period. On the 8th day all bonuses will be cleaned up.

This promotion will last for a period not more than 60 days from launch.

2GB New Customers

This is the new promotion targeted at new Vodafone Joiners. It is aimed at incentivizing prospective customers to join Vodafone.

New customers can get 2GB for FREE! To get this 2GB for FREE the new customers must do the following:

  • Buy a MiFi
  • Buy a SIM card
  • Buy any Data Bundle

New customers who purchase any of the other devices on activation and get any Data bundle will also get the additional FREE 2GB.

The 2GB Acquisition Offer will be given to the customer at the Point of Sale by a Vodafone staff member that is activating the bundle. This Offer will not be visible on web self-care or the MyVodafone App

The FREE 2GB will be valid for 30days

This offer can only be given to a new customer once.

Yes! All the terms and conditions for Vodafone Bundles will apply to this offer. A customer can transfer a minimum of 50MB and a maximum of 1GB to not more than 5 people per month.

This promotion is on until 31st August, 2016.

My Vodafone

My Vodafone app is a mobile application that helps you stay in control of your usage on the Vodafone network, making you track your usage, purchase bundles and be able to get in touch with Customer support.

There is no cost to download the My Vodafone app from the app stores.
Data charges will apply for downloading the app if you have no Data Bundle.

My Vodafone is a quick and easy way to stay in control of your usage. You can download the app and check your usage on the go. My Vodafone lets you see your latest balance and details of how much Data and Airtime you’ve used in your account.

You can purchase your Data Bundles within the app. Go to help, then go to the Bundles option.


This is the default tariff that all new customers will be placed on after successful activation of a SIM card.

No! For the best rates and to get the best value for your money, you are should purchase any of the Vodafone Bundles. You can get your preferred bundle through our easy to use self-care App or from the self-care portal.

If you prefer to use PAYGO without the bundles you will enjoy all the services but you will be billed at a higher rate.

The rate on PAYGO is K1 for every 1 MB that you use.

No. You may not change as this is the base tariff. However, you are free to select a bundle of your choice to meet your usage needs but also offer you maximum value for money.


Vodafone Data bundles are volume based packs at a single price designed to offer you optimum value for money. They offer the most affordable option for enjoying the excellent data speed experience that we offer. You will pay less and enjoy more when you use a bundle.

We will offer a simple to understand array of bundle that will have daily, weekly and monthly validity. The actual price and volumes will be advised at launch.

Buying a bundle has been made easy! There many ways you can buy a bundle, these are explained below:

i.    Self-Care App: this is a cool App that is designed to make your customer experience with Vodafone very easy and enjoyable. Download the App and get started. Once on the App you can select bundle top-up option to select your preferred bundle.

ii.    Web self-care:

Add-ons are an interesting way to give you excellent experience and optimize your value for money. Here is how it works:

i.    Once you get your main data bundle, you will qualify to get an add-on.

ii.    The Add-on bundle will take on the validity of your current bundle.

iii.    Once the bundle is expires you will not be able to buy an Add-on bundle.

Yes! You can buy as many bundles as you please. The additional bundle must offer more data volume than your current bundle balance. For instance, if you have 150MB bundle balance, you can only buy bundles with volume more than 150MB.

No! The longest validity will take precedence.  If you buy a daily bundle and before it expires you get monthly bundle, the sum of your data balance will take the validity of the monthly bundle.

That is easy! Go to your self-care App and check your data meter, you will find out how much balance you have and how long it is valid for. If you have not yet downloaded the App do so now.

Vodafone WiFi

If you are a Vodafone SIM Customer, your contact number is the number you have registered on your Vodafone SIM. If you are not a Vodafone SIM customer, your contact number is your current phone number.

Your Wi-Fi passcode is the code sent to your phone via SMS when you register and when you request by selecting “Do not have Wi-Fi Passcode? Send”. This code is made of 4 characters. Your Wi-Fi passcode is not the same as the MyVodafone Confirmation code.

To check your balance go to www.myvodafone.vodafone.zm or download MyVodafone app from App store or Google play store.

To top up or buy a bundle go to www.myvodafone.vodafone.zm or download MyVodafone app from App store or Google play store.

Yes, when you have a Vodafone SIM you can use Vodafone WiFi.

  • If the SIM is in the device that you are using to access Vodafone WiFi do the following.
    • Switch on the WiFi setting on your device
    • It will automatically connect.
    • Enjoy the service.

Please note that you will be charged from your main Data bundle.

  • If the Sim is not in the device you are using to access Vodafone WiFi do the following.
    • Switch on the WiFi setting on your device
    • Connect to the network name “Vodafone”
    • You will be directed to a landing page. Select “Existing customer”
    • You will be redirected to login page. Enter contact number and password and select “Login”
    • You will be connected to the internet.
    • Enjoy the service.

Please note that you will be charged from the main Data Bundle.

Yes, you will be automatically connected to WiFi once you walk into a Vodafone Hotspot. You will not need to manually select to connect to the WiFi.

You do not need a Vodafone SIM to access Vodafone WiFi. To access WiFi, do the following,

  • Switch on the WiFi setting on your device
  • Connect to the network name “Vodafone”
  • You will be directed to a landing page. Select “New customer”
  • You will be redirected to a registration page. Fill in your details and select “Get code”
  • You will receive a confirmation code via SMS. Enter confirmation code and select “CONFIRM”
  • You will receive 50MB data. Enjoy the service.

No, you do not need a 4G enabled device to access WiFi. To access WiFi you need a WiFi enabled device, this can be a phone, laptop or tablet.

As a Vodafone WiFi only Customer you cannot share/receive data from friends or family.

Yes, if you have a valid bundle you can use WiFi services from any Vodafone WiFi hotspot

Lusaka: Mandahill, Levy Mall, EastPark Mall, Cosmopolitan Mall, ZCAS, Evelyne Hone, NIPA, UNILUS

Copperbelt: Mukuba Mall, Kafubu Mall, ZIBSIP

No, You can access Vodafone WiFi on as many devices as you want.